Saturday, April 13, 2013

National Robotics Week: Robot Block Party Pictures

I wasn't at the Robot Block Party last year, but I was amazed this year at how much bigger it was. Two years ago, there were like all of 5 tables on the outside patio, this year there were like 20, and they were all full of robots. I didn't take any photos, but there is plenty of coverage elsewhere: HBRC member Tim Craig took a bunch of pictures. Camp Peavy, another HBRCer took some more pictures.

Updated 4/15: IEEE Spectrum also now has some coverage.


  1. Hi, Would you mind helping me with rosserial_arduino? i want to publish with arduino(joystick shield) and subscribe with another arduino (motor control), the problem im having is communicate them with rostopic. Any idea ?

  2. You should post to, this is not the appropriate channel for help on rosserial